Where is my JAW BAT?

Answer: JAW uses a per second production line design, your bat is placed in order of when it was purchased.  (Rushed orders are moved to front of production Line) JAW will not sacrifice speedy delivery for a lesser product. If we feel our wood stock is not in line with your order, we will not rush the bat until the specifications of our stock meet our stringent guidelines for making a JAW BAT.

Upon shipment an email including the Tracking Number will be included.  See to this email for all "where is my bat" questions.

MOST ORDERS WILL TAKE A MINIMUM OF 21 business days and up to 28 business days before shipping. We will notify you the moment your bat ships. All "where is my bat" emails will be ignored due to time restraints until 21 days post purchase.

My Card wont process?

Banks are becoming more and more secure with online purchases. Although we use a very well known and used payment system, certain banks may require you to remove blocks on a given card before your card will process.

Try calling your bank first, we have near zero ability to fix an issue with your card.

My promo code wont work?

Due to keeping honesty and integrity as high as possible, JAW will often change promo codes with no notice to keep leakage as low as possible.


How do I get involved with the Affiliate Program?